Everyday Is Halloween (In My World)
Lyrics and music - Brian Kroll

Verse 1
There's trouble in my world and I can't sleep
chronic insomnia, troubled water runs deep
Wax museum of the departed, keep me company
Ghostly companions now belong to eternity

Everyday is Halloween in my world
the seeds of madness unfurled
Locked inside the ricochet
while the world is safe at bay

Verse 2
Extract the colors from my world
leave me with morbid shades of gray
Rainbows in reverse, a black and gray hearse
My whole life is a vigil for the dead
Haunts my soul plaques my head
Revel in the requiem of the dead
trying to float in a boat made of lead

Verse 3
Foreshadow of a yet to happen flashback
Crash boom swoosh thrown off of times track
My epitaph is ready to be written
I fear the hand of fate’s been bitten
I spend my nights with my invisible friends
making toasts to ghosts where life suspends
It's a state of mind a soul saturation
everyday is Halloween I'm here for the duration